16 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation Street, Adam turns to the dark side and teams up with Harvey to defeat Damon.

Elsewhere, Liam’s bullying ordeal continues, the truth about Joseph’s health is revealed and Asha makes a confession to Aadi.

Here’s a complete collection of 16 big moments coming up.

1. Damon visits Harvey

damon hay, harvey, coronation street


Damon is delighted after spending the night with Sarah, who suggests he should get to know her family better over drinks at the Bistro. He agrees, but reveals that he first needs to visit Harvey in prison.

In the prison visiting room, the brothers clash over the pressure Harvey is putting on Damon to complete a criminal job. Harvey goes a step further by threatening Sarah, which angers Damon. Visiting a client across the room, Dee Dee watches the drama unfold.

2. Adam and Sarah collide at the Bistro

damon hay, sarah barlow, coronation streetdamon hay, sarah barlow, coronation street


Gail, Audrey and Nick express their disapproval of Sarah and Damon’s relationship when the couple goes out for drinks at the Bistro. The simmering tension is interrupted when Adam arrives, revealing that he knows about Damon’s visit to Harvey.

Adam makes it clear that he doesn’t want Damon anywhere near Harry, but when he bumps into Sarah, he quickly remembers that Harry isn’t his son.

Upset by the fight, Adam makes his own date to visit Harvey, clearly ready to make a deal with the devil.

3. Adam receives a sinister threat

adam barlow, harvey, coronation streetadam barlow, harvey, coronation street


Adam moves on and meets Harvey in prison. He claims that he has reviewed Harvey’s case files and believes the killer has a strong case to appeal.

Proving that he is as dangerous as ever, Harvey warns Adam that the hitman who will be dealing with Damon will also attack him if he disappoints him with the case.

4. Adam crosses another line

Adam's Coronation StreetAdam's Coronation Street


Damon tries to get back on better terms with Adam, unaware of his continued scheming.

Adam meets with an associate of Harvey’s. He hands him a wad of cash and orders the thug to scare Damon. However, Adam’s discomfort with the situation becomes evident when he suffers a panic attack.

5. Gemma expresses concern about Joseph’s health.

gemma winterbrown, dr gaddas, chesney winterbrown, coronation streetgemma winterbrown, dr gaddas, chesney winterbrown, coronation street


Joseph complains that he has a high temperature. Although Gemma is sympathetic, Chesney dismisses her son and insists that everything is fine.

Gemma remains uneasy about the situation, but Paul advises her not to change things given her current situation with social services.

Gemma refuses to let this go and shares her concerns with Dr. Gaddas when he sees her in the cafe. Chesney overhears and is furious with Gemma, who was previously warned about wasting her time when she took Joseph to the hospital twice last year.

6. Linda causes problems between Gemma and Chesney.

cute coronation streetcute coronation street


Linda returns to Weatherfield and gives Chesney a business card for a family lawyer, believing it is necessary after recent tensions between him and Gemma. Chesney refuses to discuss it.

Gemma finds the card and accuses Chesney of plotting to take the children from her. Chesney insists that this is not the case and Linda admits that she was responsible, as she fears that Gemma may be a risk to the children.

7. José collapses

joseph brown, chesney winterbrown, linda, coronation streetjoseph brown, chesney winterbrown, linda, coronation street


Chesney is forced to take Joseph home early from school when he receives a call that the young man is unwell. Joseph’s health problems come to a head at home when he collapses on the couch and appears on the verge of passing out.

Joseph is rushed to the hospital, where he is diagnosed with Lyme disease. It is revealed that he contracted it during a camping trip two months ago, which explains his recent mysterious symptoms.

8. Chesney and Gemma’s family faces an uncertain future.

chesney winterbrown, joseph brown gemma, coronation streetchesney winterbrown, joseph brown gemma, coronation street


Joseph wakes up in the hospital and his loved ones are assured that he will make a full recovery. The good news continues when social services inform Gemma that she is clear of the alleged poisoning incident and that she can return home.

Chesney is shocked when Joseph insists that he wants to live with Gemma and not him, since she was the only one who believed he was sick.

9. Liam skips school

Liam Connor, Coronation StreetLiam Connor, Coronation Street


Liam pretends to go to school, but as soon as Maria and Gary are no longer looking at him, he sneaks back into the apartment.

Liam covers his tracks by logging onto the school website and reporting himself absent due to illness. Her plan backfires when the school calls Maria and informs her that Liam hasn’t been seen in lessons for a week.

10. Mason targets Liam again

mason radcliffe, liam Connor, coronation streetmason radcliffe, liam Connor, coronation street


Maria forces Liam to go to school, but the teen’s worst fears come true when Mason attacks him again.

Mason humiliates Liam by stealing his phone and forcing him to beg for it back. The other kids laugh when Mason refuses to give it back, which is also witnessed by Dylan, who does nothing to defend his former friend.

Later, Mason grabs Liam and pins him against the wall. Desperate to escape, Liam sets off the school’s fire alarm.

11. Asha makes a confession

asha and aadi alahan on coronation streetasha and aadi alahan on coronation street


Aadi continues to recover in hospital after a carbon monoxide scare in his apartment. Dev insists that Aadi should not return to the flat and invites him to return home.

Aadi feels guilty when Asha reveals that she broke up with Nina, who moved on after the recent kiss drama.

Asha helps Aadi pack her bags in her apartment, but Aadi gets confused when she finds her bracelet on the floor. Asha is forced to admit that she visited the apartment when he was unconscious. She stormed out, not realizing the danger she was in.

Meanwhile, Roy invites Nina to return to their old bedroom at the cafe.

12. Cassie explains her actions.

Cassie and Evelyn Plummer in Coronation StreetCassie and Evelyn Plummer in Coronation Street


Cassie updates Evelyn by revealing that she has donated the money she stole from Terry to a dog charity. She adds that she only attacked him because he was about to hurt the dogs.

Later, Tyrone reveals that Fiz invited him to accompany her when she attends a course in Italy. Tyrone considers it, but is reluctant to leave Hope and Ruby with the irresponsible Cassie for two weeks.

13. Cassie makes mistakes again

evelyn plummmer tyrone dobbs cassie plumber coronation streetevelyn plummmer tyrone dobbs cassie plumber coronation street


Tyrone goes ahead with the trip, but his fears about Cassie’s behavior begin to come true when she allows Ruby to have nail extensions and gives her chips for breakfast.

The school alerts Evelyn about Cassie’s antics. Evelyn confronts Cassie, accusing her of being an obstacle to taking care of the girls.

14. The mystery of Lauren’s boyfriend continues

max turner, lauren, sabrina, coronation streetmax turner, lauren, sabrina, coronation street


Max invites Lauren over for tea, but she seems uncomfortable when Sabrina suggests she should invite her mystery boyfriend too.

Sabrina tells Max that she suspects Lauren is lying about having a boyfriend. Max asks Lauren about this, causing her to run out of the cafe crying.

15. Max’s suspicions grow

max turner, coronation streetmax turner, coronation street


Lauren joins Max and Sabrina for lunch at the Bistro and announces that she has left her boyfriend.

Later, Max watches with interest as Lauren talks to Daniel on the street. Daniel puts a comforting hand on Lauren’s shoulder, but will Max misinterpret this?

16. Bernie returns

foreman paul, bernie winter, coronation streetforeman paul, bernie winter, coronation street


Bernie is released from prison after his brief stint behind bars.

She is delighted to find her family at The Rovers, where they have thrown her a surprise ‘welcome home’ party.

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